Stealth conversion: Changing the appearance of a vehicle’s original paint

Stealth conversion - lamborghini Huracan 2022 - Copy

Protex has a great way to make your vehicle unique while maximizing the protection of painted surfaces: stealth conversion! Stand out now! How is it done? Having a satin paint finish is an option offered only for a small handful of car manufacturers. What’s more, this option is very often expensive and satin/matte paints are … Read more

Paint Protection Film for Tesla

protection de peinture pour Tesla Model 3

Paint protection film for Tesla is no longer a myth. We all know how fragile parts of the body can be from the sandblasting effect and continuous impacts. At Protex, we have developed expertise on all models including: Model 3 Model Y Model S Model X Although the addition of mudguards can help protect the … Read more

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