Protex Kelowna : McLaren 600LT full paint protection film wrap

Protex Kelowna recently did a full paint protection coverage on this magnificent McLaren 600LT. See their work in action

Protex Kelowna was up to the challenge with the complete protection of this beautiful McLaren 600LT. This customer was referenced by another shop who knew that we would make this project in a flawless way!

Even though this car had over a 1000 kilometers on it, paint was still in a great condition so Gavin and his team we up to the task. With the XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film, they protected this McLaren 600LT from head to toes.

McLaren 600LT - Protex Kelowna

There is not a inch of paint or carbon fiber that isn’t protected. Hood, fenders, bumpers, doors, rocker panels, spoiler roof, rear diffuser… Every part of this baby got the PROTEX royal treatment!

McLaren 600LT - Protex Kelowna

It took a solid 2 days of hard work to complete the task. Obviously, when you desire to make a perfect job, you need to take the time to perfect every detail, thus the 4+ hours of checks before completing the task

McLaren 600LT - Protex Kelowna

A bit more about this car : McLaren 600LT 2019

MSRP: From CAN$280,000

Horsepower: 592 hp

Max speed: 324 km/h

Curb weight: 1,247 kg

Engine: 3.8 L V8

Tire size: Front: 225/35R19, rear: 285/35R20

McLaren 600LT - Protex Kelowna

If you are also looking to protect your vehicle in Kelowna, please reach out to Gavin and his team. Visit their shop and see for yourself what they can do for your car/truck/motorcycle/RV/boat/and more! To get a quote now, CLICK HERE!