Paint Protection Kits

Some of our most popular protection kits

Our different kits of paint protection will meet all needs and all budgets, without any compromise on the quality of the material or the installation. With XPEL’s cutting software, the DAP, we have the cutting patterns for every vehicle on the market. Our certified installation technicians will therefore be able to make a precise application, without blading your bodywork, providing long-lasting and maximum protection.

Standard paint protection film kit Protex

Standard Paint Protection

Includes partial hood, fender corners and mirrors
  • Good standard protection
  • All edges are wrapped
  • Precise digital cutting
Intermediate paint protection film kit Protex

Intermediate Paint Protection

Includes partial hood, fender corners, mirror and headlights
  • A little more protection
  • All edges are wrapped
  • Precise digital cutting
Deluxe paint protection film kit Protex

Deluxe Paint Protection Kit

Includes partial hood, fender corners, mirrors, headlights, front bumper and fog lights
  • Partial front end protection
  • Ideal when you do a lot of road
  • Precise digital cutting
Ensemble Supérieur de protection pare-pierre Protex

Supreme Paint Protection kit

Includes full hood, full front fenders, mirrors, headlights, fog lights and front bumper.
  • Full front end protection
  • Every part is tucked in when possible
  • Precise digital cutting
full wrap paint protection

Full Protection - 100% Coverage

Every painted and smooth surfaces are protected
  • Ultimate protection for any vehicle
  • All edges are covered and tucked in when possible
  • Available in gloss or satin paint protection film
  • Precise digital cutting

Optional parts that are regularely asked by our customers

Rocker Panel Protection

Get rid of the sandblasting effect on the lower parts of your vehicle

Tailgate Protection

Don't be afraid to drive everywhere you want with the tailgate open

Luggage Area Protection

Say goodbye to scratches when loading bags and luggage

Door Handle Protection

Your rings and nails won't destroy your car anymore

Door Sills Protection

Farewell to nasty scratches done by your shoes or boots

A-Pillars and Roofline Protection

No more stone chips that make your rooftop rust

Obviously, these are just a few of the possibilities that are available. Each vehicle has its peculiarities and more vulnerable parts. Ask one of our advisers and they can better inform you about the necessary protections for your vehicle.