Professional Installers

The key to a perfect paint protection film installation relies on dedicating oneself to the mastery of the trade. “We will never stop working on the best version of ourselves.”

In order to deliver the best paint protection film installations money can buy, Protex technicians undergo vigorous training. To achieve the distinction of “Master Installer”, a Protex film installation technician must complete their initial certification, an intense hands on apprenticeship, and further advanced training and testing by one of our film gurus. Anyone can put paint protection film on, but only a precious few professionals can make it look fantastic. “Fantastic” is the goal for all of our installation technicians.

Our Reputation.

The Protex reputation is built on:

  • The devotion of our paint protection film installers to keep reaching the highest levels of precision possible,
  • Our exclusive film installation certification program which starts in our unique training facilities allows our installers to be on the top of their game at all time,
  • Only Protex actively works with manufacturer, performing valuable R&D, resulting in exceptional quality film protection products, such as Ultimate Plus, Vision, and Prime films – all backed with Protex’s national warranty!

Would you like to be part of our network as an employee or by becoming a franchisee yourself? Contact us and let’s take a look at the range of possibilities!

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