Safety and Security Films

Physical Barrier Of Protection

Safety and Security Films - Make Thieves and Vandals lives more Difficult!

Our safety and security security window films can turn the glass panels in your workplace or shop into physically-resistant surfaces that protect you from a number of threats without sacrificing the natural beauty and function of the glass beneath.

Most glass panels are fragile, and the potential for breakage is only one of the many concerns that comes with glass surfaces and enclosures. Being surrounded by glass in our storefronts, display cases, and offices does not mean resigning ourselves to safety and security hazards.


XPEL Safety and Security Films - VISION

Common Uses of Protex Security Film

Safety and security films are as versatile as they are durable. Over the years, we’ve helped nearly as many homeowners as we have commercial property owners and property managers to secure their glass panels. Because of the nature of the films and their ease of installation, we can retrofit your existing glass surfaces and fully protect new construction.

PROTEX Security and Safety Films Benefits

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