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What is a frosted window film?

Frosted glass films are easy-to-apply window films that provide intimacy by making windows look like they were treated with acid etching or sandblasting. They prevent vision from both directions and give privacy that is sometimes required in office settings or home environments like bathroom windows or shower doors for example.

In a business setting, this helps customers as the office number can be written on the film and they know that they are in a private environment.

Our frosted window film and our decorative film will transform your spaces

Whether for your home or office, our frosted and decorative window films can add character to a space. Whether you need to change the look of a glass surface or just reduce the visibility between two rooms while preserving the brightness, we have more than one solution for you. Plus, we take care of the installation so you don’t have to scratch your head or think about the kind of advanced technology or application tool you need. 

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Our frosted window film can be used in many forms and types of glass surfaces:

Frosted window films and decorative films for every commercial project

Setting up your office windows with decorative film is a good way to create design without compromising the layout. Should a consultation space be more private? No problem. Decorative and frosted films can be cut and personalized. Whether it is to embed your logo, a repeated pattern or abstract graphic elements, we always have very aesthetic proposals while providing the necessary privacy in order to satisfy you!

Whether you are an interior designer, an architect or simply a decoration enthusiast, we will do everything to make your wildest projects come true. Send us your plans or just let us know your ideas! Our teams have graphic designers who will create the desired effect.

Block the view while letting natural light in

At Protex, the estimate for your decorative film work is always free. Our teams are mobile and we offer residential, commercial as well as institutional services. Contact us to arrange for a visit from one of our advisers. They will be able to determine with you which product best meets your needs and thus give you a fair quote!

What are the benefits of using a frosted window film?

Is a frosted window film worth it? Why should you consider getting this modern window treatment for your home or office?

Aesthetic appeal

One-way frosted window film gives you the privacy and security you need, without requiring heavy drapes or dark blinds. Enjoying your natural light while enjoying your privacy as well as security is possible with this modern, ambient solution that is a great alternative to curtains with a great finish.


You deserve privacy in your home or in your office, especially in private spaces such as the bathroom. With the frosted series of window film from Protex, both daytime and nighttime privacy are possible.

Glare Rejection

Don’t forget to take care of both your eyes! Reduce the severity and frequency of headaches by cutting out the harsh glare from unfiltered lighting. Only let in the soft, ambient light you want.

UV Ray Rejection

99% of harmful UV rays can be adequately blocked with any of our window films. All of our frosted window films block this type of radiation, keeping you and your family or your employees and colleagues safe from premature aging, wrinkles, as well as potentially even skin cancer and other melanoma.

Energy efficiency and energy-saving

Allowing light to filter in with frosted window film helps you drastically cut on energy costs of lamps and other electrical and artificial lighting. The ancient method of using blinds to ensure privacy means the lights have to be constantly turned on – even during the day! Thanks to our frosted window film, you can now have the best of both worlds and only turn on your interior lighting at night when it gets really dark. It also helps keep heating costs low.


Natural light can’t be replaced. Enjoy the natural light, privacy benefits and energy-efficiency to boot!

Contact us now if you want to know more about our frosted window film or have any questions about our best quality products at the lowest price.

Frosted Window Film FAQ

Frosted window films give your windows an opaque appearance. Once applied on glass, they’re immediately effective as they block the views from both inside and outside your window. It has a contemporary, stylish appearance that makes it suitable for any environment, from the comfort of a shared living room to a busy office.

Our high-end frosted window film is usually made from thin sheets of clear plastic that are easy to install using water. It’s usually made from a water-activated adhesive and offers a delicate frosty appearance. You can buy it in standard sizes or as customized sheets to better suit your needs.

Avoid using thick, shiny, multi-layered frosted window films that need to be applied in multiple layers or are made from thin, flimsy pieces similar to wrapping paper that don’t stick well to windows especially when they’re wet. Those types of frosted window films are highly susceptible to temperature fluctuations and tend to lose their adhesive power in extreme heat or cold conditions.

Make sure to never use any frosted window film that requires you to apply it yourself, like a wallpaper paste. Instructions may vary, so be sure to check them before using the frosted window film.

Usually, it is, although we recommend hiring a professional installer like Protex to make sure the window control film is completely flat and you don’t have any annoying little air bubbles. This way, you just have to select your privacy film from our wide range of frosted designs and patterns and we take care of the rest.

Yes! If at any moment and for any reason you change your mind about having a frosted window film, you can just remove it from your glass. No need to call the installer this time as you can easily and safely do it yourself.

The price of a frosted window film will depend on the size of the surface you’re looking to cover. Is it for a door? A window for the whole floor? Are you looking for geometric designs, a textured glass effect, or a flat glass surface effect? Call us and tell us about the area for which you need decorative window films and we will be able to help you.

Our decorative film or frosted window film is perfectly safe and waterproof. There is a lot of excess water, soapy water, and steam in bathrooms, but you don’t have to worry about your window film getting damaged by all that moisture. A frosted window film is extremely durable and will not deteriorate because of humidity, mold, or mildew. A frosted window film is also extremely easy to keep clean.

In order to clean a frosted window film, simply use water and soap as well as a squeegee or soft cloth. Please refrain from using any abrasive material, or any strong detergent or cleaning product. These could cause permanent damage to the frosted window film.

One of the great advantages of frosted window vinyl is that it helps with temperature control. It accomplishes this by slowing the transfer of heat through the glass. Because frosted window vinyl is capable to insulate windows and glass doors in this way, it is often referred to as heat-reducing window film.

Our frosted window films are a low cost one time investment that over time pays for itself by saving you money on your energy bill. Depending on where you are in Canada, the heat can get intense. Therefore both residential and commercial properties can benefit from applying one of our frosted window films.

Our frosted window film is very durable and easy to care for. Most of our internal frosted window films come with a lifetime warranty and would generally last much longer in the right conditions.

If you want your glass to be opaque and obscure, just apply a frosted window film directly on the glass. If you wish for something a bit more stylish and fancy, we also have a wide selection patterned window film that will also do the job.

Absolutely! For day and night privacy, a frosted window film or patterned decorative window film would be suitable as they both make the glass opaque. This way you have a perfect privacy window film that will prevent outside people from looking in especially on a smooth glass surface.

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