About Protex Canada

It’s more than just a company, it’s our history.


Protex Canada is more than one hundred cities and municipalities served in three provinces of Canada. It’s 27 stores in total in Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia. It is more than 50 mobile units to cover the territories. It is 25 franchisees who have the success of the industry at heart. It’s more than 100 installers sharing the same passion. Protex is a family!

Here’s the most important thing you must know about Protex : it created to address the needs of the automotive aftermarket film industry – the need for quality products, precision workmanship, and long term commitment to excellence.

Protex built its network with professionals from the window film and paint protection industry who, felt together, they could raise the industry standard to an unprecedented level. Together, they could offer top quality products and workmanship. Together, they could share knowledge and up their game. Together, they could do so much more!

“We believe in the power of unity” – Protex core values.

Since 1989, the Protex network expanded from Quebec to Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, becoming the biggest Canadian install franchise network of paint protection, automotive window tint, and architectural films. From newly established locations, to converting existing businesses, aspiring to become something more, our network keeps growing every year. We have set a new standard in the industry and keep raising the bar. Maybe you too can join and write history with us!


Place your trust in our commitment.
“We will never stop working on the best version of ourselves.”

Looking for a solution to keep your car looking newer longer?

Have Protex install an extremely durable, invisible, self healing, paint protection film that can protect from scratches, road debris, bugs, salt, sand, and any other threatening environmental elements. We call it XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS! The film’s breakthrough “self-healing” technology eliminates swirl marks and light scratches that appear on its surface. Having a top coat that heals and stays sealed from the elements, prevents yellowing over time.

Looking for a solution to protect your vehicle’s interior from sun damage?

How about making daily commutes and long drives more comfortable and cost effective? Maybe you just want a little privacy and that awesome overall appearance that comes with tinted windows. Have a local certified Protex automotive film installer get you cruising in style and comfort!

Looking to improve your home or your office? Ask Protex for their various solutions:

Why wouldn’t you purchase one of the Protex film solutions when:

Trusting Protex also means trusting the renowned XPEL products

Whether for paint protection film, window films, ceramic coatingss or even for the wide range of architectural films, we are proud to use the products of a listed company with incomparable marketing and with the most comprehensive guarantees in the industry. Not to mention the fact that XPEL has created the best digital cutting software in the industry, the Design Access Program!