Protex commercial service : architectural window films and much more!

Protex Architectural offers you a wide range of products and services that will transform your commercial and institutional spaces. Our turnkey sales department can advise you on window films,  interior design and signage.

Beyond regular tinted windows, we can transform your spaces. Here are some ideas that will activate your imagination:

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A commercial service carried out according to the rules of the art

Our technicians and advisers are trained to offer you a clean and professional service. Each step of our service is designed to preserve the cleanliness and condition of the premises. From taking an estimate measurement to the final installation of our films, our teams will be able to apply the appropriate sanitary measures, in accordance with the construction industry. For your well-being and ours, no compromise is made for health and safety.

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There are only advantages to contacting our mobile teams

Commercial service specialists

Contact our professionnal film installers

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