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The GMC Sierra Paint Protection Film offered by Protex Canada is the best automotive wrap out there. Applied exclusively by our skilled specialists, this protection film safeguards the unique styles and distinguished details of your GMC Sierra from the rigors of everyday driving and off-road recreational activities. No DIY here—our professionals handle every step of the process to ensure an impeccable result.

All models of the GMC Sierra, including the actual production models and the late availability AT4X models, can benefit from our Paint Protection Film. The film is custom fit to each vehicle’s features, from the distinguished character of the grille and 20-inch wheels to the real wood trim and premium chrome accents.

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What is a paint protection film?

PPF, also known as paint protection film, is a durable film designed to protect vehicles from natural elements such as tree sap, UV damage, rock chips, paint chips, and minor scratches. The automotive paint protection film produced by Protex includes hydrophobic features that prevent water damage to the paint.

When maintaining the exterior of a pickup truck, it is important to consider options such as Paint Protection Film (PPF) or paint protection wrap and ceramic coatings.

What is the best PPF option to protect your GMC Sierra?

GMC full-size pickup truck owners can choose between two methods to safeguard their vehicle’s paint – paint protection film (PPF) or ceramic coating. PPF is a transparent film that adheres to the paint, whereas ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that forms a bond with the paint surface.

XPEL ULTIMATE FUSION protects your vehicle exceptionally well. You can apply it on top of paint protection film without sacrificing anything. It bonds with XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS and XPEL STEALTH to provide better protection and shine. XPEL FUSION PLUS gives you the option to have the best of both worlds and select the best film technology.


XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS and XPEL STEALTH offer protection for full-size pickup truck. They act as a shield against potential damage. Our self-healing technology removes scratches and swirl marks. With our products, you can drive your pickup truck with confidence.


XPEL ULTIMATE FUSION protects well. Its ceramic coating is hydrophobic and easy to maintain. It covers large areas for maximum coverage. Choosing XPEL FUSION PLUS gives peace of mind and eliminates worries.

As experienced installers, we only use quality material as paint protection packages and paint protection solutions.

What are the benefits of installing paint protection film on a GMC Sierra?

The GMC Sierra is a high-quality vehicle known for its robustness and excellent design. Here are some benefits of installing a Paint Protection Film (PPF) on your GMC Sierra:

Preserves exterior finish

The primary purpose of a Paint Protection Film is to protect the vehicle’s paint job from damage. The PPF shields the paint from harmful UV rays, road debris, minor scratches, bird droppings, and other environmental factors that can cause fading or discoloration.

Maintains resale value

By keeping the exterior paint in excellent condition, the PPF can help maintain or even increase the resale value of your vehicle. Potential buyers will appreciate the preserved quality and finish of the vehicle.

Prevents rust

By providing a protective layer, PPF can prevent minor scratches that expose the underlying metal, thus reducing the risk of rust.

Saves money in the long run

With a PPF, you can avoid expensive repainting or touch-up costs due to scratches or paint damage. The initial cost of applying a PPF can be far less than the cumulative expenses associated with frequent paint repairs.

Enhances appearance

PPF typically has a glossy finish which enhances the overall look of your vehicle. It can keep your GMC Sierra looking brand new for longer.

Custom fit

The PPF is tailored to the specific dimensions and features of your GMC Sierra, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless protection.

Easy maintenance

Most PPFs are easy to clean and require no special maintenance. You can wash your vehicle as you usually would.


A high-quality PPF can last for several years. Its durability ensures that your GMC Sierra’s exterior remains protected for extended periods, making it a worthwhile investment.

Remember, the key to getting the most out of your PPF is to have it professionally installed. Protex Canada offers expert installation to ensure your GMC Sierra gets the protection it deserves.

Why is Protex Canada the best choice to install your GMC Sierra paint protection film?

Protex Canada provides PPF options tailored to different Sierra models, such as the GMC Sierra Pro, GMC Sierra SLE, GMC Sierra SLT, GMC Sierra AT4, GMC Sierra, and Denali.

Protex Canada offers high-quality PPF solutions, a widely recognized method for protecting vehicles from damage and preserving their appearance, which has earned the approval of experts and pickup truck enthusiasts.

Protex Canada uses ceramic pro technology to protect the paint of a GMC full-size pickup truck with pre-cut PPF pieces.

The installation process is tailored to fit each piece precisely to the panels and contours of the GMC Sierra, which helps prevent bubbling or fading due to incorrect application methods.

Our film can be applied to all trim levels of the Sierra, including the monochromatic exterior of the AT4XThe New AEV-inspired 2023 Sierra, with its factory-installed lift, mud-terrain tires, and AEV stamped-steel front bumper. Check with your dealer for feature availability to ensure compatibility.

Explore our various clear bra kits and coverage options for your GMC Sierra

Vehicle damage can occur due to environmental factors, as well as rock chips, scratches, and rust, leading to costly repairs. Our paint protection film kits and clear bra film are designed to mitigate minor surface abrasions and preserve the appearance of your vehicle.

GMC Sierra paint protection film cost

How much does a GMC Sierra paint protection film cost?

The price of paint protection film (PPF) for a GMC Sierra can fluctuate based on factors such as coverage preferences and film quality. Typically, PPF installation costs range between $500 and $2,000 or higher.

Choosing a reliable installation company like Protex Canada, which utilizes high-quality film products, is crucial for effective and long-lasting protection of your GMC Sierra. Although the initial cost may be considerable, preserving the vehicle’s appearance and paint can outweigh the expenses in the future.

Here are the top three reasons purchasing a GMC Sierra PPF coverage might be advantageous

  1. Maintain the aesthetics and resale value of your vehicle: By installing a paint protection film (PPF), your GMC Sierra will be shielded against minor abrasions, chips, and other forms of damage that could arise during regular usage. The application of PPF can help conserve the original vehicle paint, which could potentially enhance its resale value in the future.
  2. Guard against environmental harm: The PPF offers all-encompassing protection for your vehicle. It functions as a shield against damaging elements such as UV radiation, bird waste, tree resin, and road debris, averting premature paint fading, discoloration, and etching. Additionally, the film prolongs the lifespan of your vehicle’s paint by safeguarding it from everyday deterioration and environmental hazards.
  3. Economical and easy-to-maintain solution: A superior-quality PPF can keep your GMC Sierra in top condition. Though it might initially seem costly, it could save you from spending more on expensive paint repairs or repainting due to damage in the long term. PPF is also simple to maintain and only necessitates regular cleaning and polishing. This means you can experience its benefits without fretting about additional maintenance.
Get the best GMC Sierra paint protection film with Protex Canada.

Paint Protection for your GMC Sierra full-size pickup truck

PPF - An essential automotive service

Our paint protection services offer restoration and protection for GMC Sierra vehicles, shielding them from environmental elements like fluid stains, bug splatters, and road debris to increase their longevity.

Do I need paint protection film for my GMC Sierra?

Whether you should opt for a Paint Protection Film (PPF) for your GMC Sierra largely depends on your driving habits, the conditions in which you drive, and how much you value the aesthetics and long-term resale value of your vehicle. Here’s why you might consider paint protection film for your GMC Sierra:

  1. Models and Trim Levels: Every model and trim level of the GMC Sierra, from the base engine models to the AT4X and turbo high-output models, come with a factory finish that’s worth preserving. The PPF safeguards the paintwork, whether it’s the monochromatic exterior of the AEV Edition or the distinguished details of the Jet Black or Alpine Umber styles.

  2. Advanced Technologies and Features: GMC Sierra models come with advanced technologies and features like the Super Cruise, GMC Connected Services, and an integrated 13.4″ Diagonal Centre Touch-Screen display. While PPF doesn’t directly protect these tech features, maintaining the exterior condition of your vehicle contributes to overall vehicle care and longevity.

  3. Towing and Off-Road Driving: If you frequently use your Sierra’s towing capabilities or engage in off-road driving, the PPF can provide additional protection. It helps preserve the vehicle’s appearance by protecting against scratches and chips from road debris, which is particularly valuable if you’re using the off-road suspension and Max Trailering package.

  4. Environmental Factors: PPF acts as a barrier against environmental factors like UV rays, bird droppings, and road grime that could cause the paintwork to fade or discolor. It’s especially beneficial if you often park outdoors.

  5. Resale Value: A well-maintained exterior can contribute significantly to the resale value of your vehicle. By preventing paint damage, the PPF can help maintain, or even increase, the resale value of your Sierra.

  6. Cost Savings: While there’s an upfront cost to applying PPF, it can save you money in the long run by preventing costly repairs associated with paint damage.

Remember, a PPF is not a replacement for regular vehicle maintenance. It’s a supplement that offers additional protection, helping to keep your GMC Sierra in the best possible condition. 

The decision to apply paint protection film to your GMC full-size pickup truck should be based on your personal priorities. If you value preserving your truck’s appearance and value, maintaining it with ease, and providing protection, PPF may be worth considering as an expense.

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Our Paint Protection Film for the GMC Sierra is a durable layer of protection applied to the exterior of your vehicle. It preserves the factory finish from damage caused by the elements, minor scratches, bug damage, and chips from road debris. The film with self-healing properties is custom-fit for each model of the GMC Sierra, from base engine models to the Turbo high-output and AT4X models.

PPF installations are commonly done on areas such as the hood, front bumper, side mirrors, rocker panels, and fenders. Custom installations are also available to provide full coverage for the entire vehicle based on personal preferences and financial constraints.

No, the PPF will not interfere with any features of your GMC Sierra. It is designed to protect the exterior without compromising the functionality of advanced technologies such as the Super Cruise, GMC Connected Services, or the integrated 13.4″ Diagonal Centre Touch-Screen display.

Yes, the PPF provides an ultimate protection and unrivaled protection against scratches and chips from road debris, especially useful if you’re utilizing the off-road suspension and Max Trailering package frequently.

The hydrophobic properties of ceramic coating make it resistant to most materials adhering to it. Even vinyl decals and paint protection film will initially adhere, but hours of hard work can be easily undone with a single powerful pressure washer blast.

Absolutely. The PPF helps to maintain the exterior condition of your vehicle, which can contribute significantly to its resale value.

The PPF is designed to be virtually invisible and does not affect the color or finish of your vehicle. Whether your Sierra has a monochromatic exterior or an Obsidian Rush or Vanta Ash finish, the PPF will help preserve its original appearance.

It is possible to apply a ceramic coating on top of PPF to improve its hydrophobic properties and protection. It is recommended to seek advice from a certified installer to guarantee proper application and product compatibility.

There are two options available for protecting a vehicle’s paint: PPF and ceramic coatings. PPF offers physical protection against damage from things like rock chips and road rash, while ceramic coatings create an hydrophobic layer upon application. Both products provide benefits for paint protection and maintenance.

The longevity of PPF can vary based on factors such as environmental exposure and maintenance, but high-quality PPF can last for several years.

At Protex Canada, we advise against DIY installation. Our PPF is applied by trained professionals to ensure a perfect fit and finish, thus guaranteeing the best protection for your GMC Sierra.

The duration of Protex Canada’s installation process varies based on factors such as complexity and coverage area. A professional installation may take several hours to a few days.

Different manufacturers have different warranty terms. However, XPEL PPF products provide a 10-year limited warranty that includes material defects like fading, yellowing, and delamination. It is recommended to carefully review the warranty terms of each product.

Regular washing and waxing are recommended for PPF to maintain the condition of your vehicle. It is advised to follow the care instructions provided by your dealer or film manufacturer for optimal results.

Protex Canada installs custom PPF with a satin finish on certain panels. Customer requests for different finishes can be accommodated. Consult with our experts for optimal results and to discuss your needs and preferences. Together, we will create a custom paint protection plan that matches your vehicle and personal style.

XPEL provides PPF products designed for protecting GMC full-size pickup trucks, such as the GMC Sierra Denali. These products, XPEL Ultimate Fusion and XPEL Ultimate Plus, have a considerable lifespan if taken care of and come with a 10-year warranty.

To determine a film’s longevity, it’s crucial to account for multiple variables such as upkeep methods, driving patterns, and environmental factors. The film’s effectiveness and durability can be compromised by exposure to harmful substances, severe weather, and debris on the road.

The removal of PPF can be done without causing damage to the paint job by a professional. It is recommended to have an experienced technician handle the process to prevent any potential problems.

Protex Canada offers a range of protective window tint options for vehicles, which can enhance their appearance, provide additional privacy, and protect the interior from harmful UV rays. Discover more about our high-quality window tints, which are accessible at various locations.