Automotive Protection Solutions

We protect every vehicle out there

Automotive Solutions

We protect every automotive vehicle out there 


Protex Canada is known to be the pinnacle of automotive protection. With a service offer including paint protection, window tint, paint correction and ceramic coating, we are proud to be a one-stop shop when it comes to protect your investment. For any type of project, Protex offers an unmatched quality of work and we live up to the standards of the XPEL products we install. Discover what Protex can do for you and your precious ride!

Paint Protection Film

Whether it is for your daily driver, your sport car, your truck, your motorcycle, your boat or any other type of vehicle, we have the protective solutions you need! Our XPEL paint protection products will keep your vehicle as new as the day it rolled out.

Automotive Window Tint

Whether it’s just for the look or  to achieve performance in heat rejection, we have the films you need for any car, truck, boat, RV and more! Get a quote now for your vehicle with the top of the line XPEL ceramic window film

Ceramic Coating

 XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic coating will enhance the gloss, improve color depth and grant hydrophobic properties to your vehicle. Car maintenance has never been easier. This 9H single application coating will make all the heads turn when you’re on the highway!

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