XPEL Aftercare Products

Get more protection with XPEL Automotive Aftercare Products

Protex offers you the full range of XPEL automotive aftercare products. These products have been designed and tested with paint protection film in mind, but they’ve proven themselves on every surface of your vehicle!

XPEL Ceramic Boost

XPEL Ceramic Boost

XPEL Ceramic Boost helps protect your film and paint by sealing the surface with a micro-thin layer of protection to help resist debris, contaminates and scratches, while repelling dust and lint.

XPEL Detail Spray

XPEL Detail Spray

XPEL Detail Spray is the perfect product for in between vehicle washes. Also intended for final wipe downs and a quick clean when your vehicle is not in need of a wash, but has light dust, fingerprints and/or smudges.

XPEL Interior Cleaner

XPEL Interior Cleaner

Our specialized formula was created to clean without removing the natural oils. Not recommended for suede or fabric.

XPEL Anti-static Window Cleaner

XPEL Anti-Static Window Tint Cleaner

Designed to clean and remove fingerprints and smudges while leaving an ultra-slick, polished, static and streak-free finish. Our formula was created to eliminate the static cling on your tinted surfaces or glass. XPEL Anti-Static Window Tint Cleaner helps clean and repel water on tint, glass and mirrors. The anti-static properties leave the surface smooth without attracting dust and lint.

XPEL Waterspot remover

XPEL Water Spot Remover

XPEL Water Spot Remover is a specialized formula that has properties which help hard water spots from your paint, XPEL Paint protection film, and FUSION PLUS ceramic coating.

XPEL PPF Cleaner

XPEL Paint Protection Film Cleaner

XPEL Paint Protection Film Cleaner is designed to extract most environmental deposits such as tar, oil, hard water stains, bug acids and other contaminants from Polyurethane paint protection films. Its deep cleaning action restores the clear, glossy, freshly installed appearance of the original film.

XPEL Rinse-Free car wash

XPEL Rinse Free Car Wash

XPEL Rinse Free Car Wash is composed of a unique formulation that encapsulates the dirt with a lubricating polymer preventing scratches or harm to the paint. Mix 1 oz with a gallon of water and you have a fast, safe and effective way to clean your car anytime, anywhere with no mess. Simply wipe on and dry off! XPEL Rinse Free Car Wash is safe to use on XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating

Produits d'entretien XPEL

* Product availability may vary from store to store. The majority of our branches keep the complete line in stock in addition to many items relating to vehicle maintenance such as microfiber cloths, flexible squeegees and washing mitt.

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