Window Tint Simulator

Try our Prime Window Tint Simulator and see for yourself how nice it looks

Select a vehicle type and color in our window tint simulator. Then see how the different shades can dress and protect your vehicle for your front, rear and side windows. Of course we couldn’t have all the years, makes and models in there, but the car, truck and SUV will give you a great general idea.

Pay attention to applicable provincial and federal regulations in order to make an informed choice of color.

For Quebec, the SAAQ site gives you the full picture on this subject.

For Alberta, rules and regulations for window tint can be found HERE

As of British-Columbia, relevant information can be found HERE

*** Please note that this automotive window tint simulator gives a general idea of the final look and that the actual result varies depending on each vehicle ***

Visit a Protex store so we can show you our various window films and shades available for your car !

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