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First, our automotive window tint film offers maximum window protection for the people inside the vehicle, removing up to 98% of infrared heat and 99% of the damaging effects of UV rays. This benefits the appearance of your vehicle by preventing sun damage to the interior.

Additionally, our digital cutting system ensures perfect molding on every piece of glass, including the windshield and rear side windows, for an unparalleled driving experience. Our ceramic window films and metallic window tint options allow for a customized appearance and function, with rejection rates that suit every type of driver.

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Choose the right window tinting: Balancing appearance and protection

Automotive window tinting in Canada goes beyond mere aesthetic reasons, providing both appearance and protection to the glass of your vehicle. For people seeking both style and function, our automotive window tint film gives your windshield and rear windows a superb appearance, while also offering enhanced rejection of solar heat.

Our types of tint include metallic window tint and ceramic window tints, each offering unique benefits. Our tinted film ensures your vehicle is cooler by blocking harmful ultraviolet radiation and reducing glare. We even consider the level of darkness and light transmission levels to match legal limit requirements, thus crafting the perfect blend of function and style.

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The quality of our glazed windows tinting services is unmatched. Our XPEL products are perfect for blocking visible light and harmful radiation, ensuring that natural light is controlled for your comfort. Our various types of tint, such as ceramic window films and metallic window tint, offer a perfect fit on your tinted windows, keeping your vehicle cooler.

They also offer freedom from contaminants and a flawless matte finish. Enjoy the aesthetic benefits of window tinting, whether you drive across the country or take the kids to soccer practice in the Greater Area. Our window tinting is affordable and adds value to your vehicle, all while respecting the legal limit of light transmission.

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Rear window, front window, windshield: Protex Canada offers complete UV protection for your safety

PRIMETM CS Dyed Window Tint Film

This dyed film is perfect for giving color to your windows, blocking UVA-UVB rays, and reducing glare. The matte finish provides a stunning aesthetic appearance, all while keeping the driver window and passenger windows cool.

PRIMETM XR Window Tint Ceramic Film

Our ceramic window films block up to 87% of infrared rays, keeping your vehicle cooler. Efficient for UV protection, glare reduction, and maintaining legal limit light transmission, these tints improve your vehicle’s appearance and energy efficiency.

PRIMETM XR PLUS High Performance Ceramic Window Tint Film

The creme de la creme of ceramic window films, our XR PLUS provides 98% thermal rejection and is available in dark tint and factory tint options.

Professional window tinting services

Quality window tinting with Protex ensures a flawless installation by our certified tinters. Our specialists are dedicated to achieving your complete satisfaction through an unparalleled customer experience. Using carbon technology and understanding the right levels of darkness, light transmission, and legal limits, we craft the perfect window tints for your needs. Our glazed windows will transform your vehicle’s appearance and function.

Window tinting - Guaranteed quality

Trust our window tinting services with a lifetime warranty on your vehicle’s tinted glass, whether it’s the driver window, rear window, or windshield. Enjoy the benefits of window tinting with our expertly crafted solutions.

A digital cutting system that mitigates any risk of glass breakage

Protex uses the XPEL cutting system, namely the Design Access Program . This software allows tinted windows to be trimmed before installation, which greatly speeds up the work in addition to ensuring a perfect fit to the vehicle. In addition, it eliminates any risk of damaging the windows with the blade during manual cutting.

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A digital cutting system that mitigates any risk of glass breakage

Protex uses the XPEL cutting system, namely the Design Access Program . This software allows tinted windows to be trimmed before installation, which greatly speeds up the work in addition to ensuring a perfect fit to the vehicle. In addition, it eliminates any risk of damaging the windows with the blade during manual cutting.


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Dyed Window Tint: A Colorful Shield for Your Auto

Dyed tint is a cost-effective window tinting solution for vehicles, adding a colorful layer that absorbs the sun’s infrared radiation and UV rays. This type of tint reduces glare and visible light, preserving the interior from fading and keeping energy costs down, while enhancing the aesthetic of your auto’s windshield and windows.

 Ceramic Window Tinting: Premium Comfort and UV Protection

Ceramic window tints use cutting-edge technology to provide thermal comfort inside your vehicle. The ceramic particles embedded within the film offer superior UV radiation shielding and thermal regulation, safeguarding passengers from ultraviolet effects and maintaining visibility for larger glass surfaces.

 Metallic Window Tint: Reflective Strength for Vehicles

Metallic tints, with their multi-layered composition including a metallic spectrum, reflect UV light and insulate your automobile’s interior. Known for their mirror-like appearance, they are a tool for achieving both a robust aesthetic and functional thermal resistance, especially for rear windows in larger vehicles.

 Hybrid Window Tints: The Ultimate Balance for Automobiles

Hybrid window tints merge dyed and metallic layers to create the ultimate vehicle shield against UV light and radiant heat. They provide premium protection from the sun’s energy, reducing both ultraviolet radiation and visible light, thus ensuring efficiency in energy costs and a reduction in the fading of interior fabrics.

 Carbon Tinted Windows: Eco-Friendly Tinting with Lifetime Warranty

Our carbon tinted windows are the green choice in auto window tinting, utilizing a carbon layer to block out harmful UV radiation and infrared light. This technology offers a shield against fading, lowers energy costs, and retains heat during winter. It’s a sustainable option that comes with a lifetime warranty, perfect for larger window areas where maintaining factory tint appearance is desired.

According to the Window tint laws in Quebec, the auto window tinting on the windshield and front side windows should allow at least 70% of visible light to pass through. The regulations for the back-side windows are more relaxed, allowing darker tints. This is designed to balance the benefits of window tint with safety considerations.

No, 20 percent tint is typically not legal in Canada. Window tinting limits vary by province, but the majority require the regular window film on front windows to allow more than 50% of light in for the integrity of glass and driver visibility. Be sure to check local Window tint laws.

Yes, we proudly offer a lifetime warranty on our products and services, including car window tinting. We use only high-quality, durable films and employ skilled professionals to ensure the benefits of vehicle window tinting for our customers.

No, window tint is applied to the interior side of the car windows. This helps protect the film from damage and extends its lifespan. The process involves applying a layer of regular window film, cut to size, to the inside of the window glass.

Yes, if a police officer suspects that your car’s windows are tinted beyond the legal limit, they can pull you over. This is why it’s essential to understand your local Window tint laws before applying aftermarket window tinting.

Yes, Protex uses modern window film technology to provide top-quality auto window tinting. We cater to a variety of needs, from flat glass windows in storefront windows to safety window films for passenger vehicles. We strive to offer the best window tinting services near you.