Window Tint in Calgary - Choose the best window tint for your car in Canada

Automotive window tint makes your vehicle look simply amazing. We even go beyond the look factor: we add the performance factor!

Protex Canada - A leader when it comes to quality window tinting

First, our window tint films can provide maximum protection, removing up to 98% of infrared heat and 99% of the damaging effects of UV rays. In addition, our digital cutting system ensures perfect molding on every vehicle.

Choose peace of mind with quality commercial tinting in Calgary

The quality of our XPEL products is matched only by that with which they are applied to your vehicles. Expect a perfect fit, freedom from contaminants and a flawless tinted window finish!

So you can cross the country, take the kids to their soccer practice, or just take a Sunday stroll in comfort and style. This automobile modification is by far the cheapest!

Moreover, this style will follow you even until the time of the sale of your vehicle. In comparison with an identical vehicle, the one with tints on the windows will always have added value! Let us take your satisfaction to the next level!

The PRIMET'AIME window tint

Discover our many types of window film for your automotive in Canada!

Rear window, front window, windshield: Protex Canada offers complete UV protection for your safety

PRIME TM CS Dyed Window Tint Film

The affordable, high quality window tinting solution

Perfect for the look, providing privacy and blocking UVA-UVB rays, premium CS film comes with a lifetime warranty and is the most affordable option. Reduce your energy costs and protect your skin from the sunlight while looking amazing with the CS dyed window tint film!

PRIMETM XR Window Tint Ceramic Film

Nano-ceramic to protect your car from UV rays

This nano-ceramic film can block up to 87% of the infrared rays that cause heat inside your vehicle. Efficient at protecting your skin from harmful infrared heat and improving the energy efficiency of your car, the XR window tint is the perfect choice for many canadians. Our nano-ceramic technology is the perfect middle ground between price and performance!

PRIMETM XR PLUS High Performance Ceramic Window Tint Film

Top of the line when it comes to window tint films

La crème de la crème of ceramic film! 98% thermal rejection from infrared rays. An absolute comfort combined with a sublime look is made possible by nano-ceramic technology!

A wide range of shades is available. Now, we stand by the statement that lighter shades are as performant as the darker ones at blocking infrared heat!

A digital cutting system that mitigates any risk of glass breakage

Protex uses the XPEL cutting system, namely the Design Access Program . This software allows tinted windows to be trimmed before installation, which greatly speeds up the work in addition to ensuring a perfect fit to the vehicle. In addition, it eliminates any risk of damaging the windows with the blade during manual cutting.

When it comes to automotive window tint, choose a professional installation

Having a good quality product is only part of the solution. The installation of window tint must also be flawless. Our window tinting specialists are all certified and have one goal: to create your complete satisfaction through an unparalleled customer experience.

Window tint Montreal - Choose guaranteed quality

We are so confident in the quality of product and service that will be offered to you that we give a lifetime warranty on the work that will be done on your vehicle! This guarantee is national so it will be honored no matter where you find yourself!

What more could you ask for?


Your questions about automotive window tint answered

Window tinting is the process of applying a light colored coating to a car’s windshield. The primary reason for tinted windows are safety and privacy, but there are other benefits as well. Those benefits include UV protection, reducing the temperature in a vehicle during summer, reducing the glare of the sun, and of course aesthetic reasons!

Improved vehicle appearance, privacy, filtration of 99% of UVA-UVB rays. Reduction of heat, glare and degradation of fabrics and leathers. General increase in comfort when driving. There are many reasons to install an automotive window tint on your vehicle in Canada, and some you might not think about right away, such as protecting the interior of your car!

UV rays that pass through your windows can damage the instruments of your vehicle over time, discoloring them. This destructive principle applies to your dashboard, leather, fabrics and plastics, and we are not even talking of the heat of the summer!

Other advantages of window tint for drivers

  • Cooling efficiency, an energy-saver and improving visibility;
  • Reduce glare from the sun;
  • Reflect the summer heat to stay cool;
  • Protect your interior from UV damage;
  • There are many shades available for the look you want;
  • Composite-UV shades offer greater clarity;
  • A window tint can make your ride look amazing;

Yes, in fact our premium product XR and XR PLUS even have a lifetime warranty transferable from one owner to another.

No, we shrink the film to match the window’s shape and size on the outside. The final application is done inside the vehicle adding to the film’s lifespan by protecting it from outside elements.

Laws vary greatly from province to province in Canada, but there are often differences between front windows and rear windows. In most provinces, there is no color limit for the rear bezels and rear side windows as long as the vehicle has mirrors on each side. When it comes to front windows, Protex offers a virtually invisible high performance solution that provides a crisp, clear view of both inside and out. We invite you to consult the legislation in force in your province (SAAQ for Quebec) or simply ask one of our Calgary franchisees near you.

Protex Canada offers a wide range of paint protection films to keep your paint job clean and extent the lift of your vehicle’s painted surfaces significantly. Discover more about our top of the line paint protection films we offer at our various locations!

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