Difference between paint protection film and ceramic coating

What exactly are paint protection film and ceramic coating? Learn about all the main features of these products and their different purpose

Many people often confuse the paint protection film and ceramic coating (ceramic coating). These two products offered in PROTEX stores both have a protection purpose but their final goal is totally different. Here are a few points of the major differences between these two products:

Paint protection film (clear bra, ppf)

  • Self-adhesive thermoplastic urethane (TPU) membrane with a topcoat comparable to that which covers your vehicle’s paintwork
  • Cut mostly digitally, this film is made to completely or partially cover parts of your vehicle to protect them against rock impacts, sandblasting and scratches on the paint.
  • TPU acts as a flexible agent that disperses the force of small impacts and in most cases prevents damage to the paint under the film.
  • This is not a bulletproof shielding, however! Very high speed impacts from sharp stones may pierce through the film.
  • Keep in mind that this film is applied to protect the paint. It’s the one that will take the blows and wear out over time.

Ceramic Coating

  • A liquid coating which, when applied to the vehicle after a drying/curing period of up to 12 hours, will harden and create a hard, self-leveling layer on the surface of a vehicle.
  • Its primary purpose is to make cleaning a vehicle much easier by filling in the microscopic roughness of the surfaces and thus limiting friction as much as possible. We call this effect hydrophobicity.
  • For optimal application, the vehicle should be polished and decontaminated under normal circumstances to remove major unevenness and thus create a smooth surface.
  • Typically, the ceramic coating will be hard enough to protect the vehicle’s clear coat against very slight scratches. (Ex .: washing rub marks)
  • The ceramic coating will not protect against rock impacts but will make cleaning up insects, bird droppings and tree sap much easier.

It is entirely possible to apply a ceramic coating on top of paint protection film. XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coating was created to bond on our famous XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS and XPEL STEALTH so you get the best of both worlds.

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For more details on the differences between the paint protection film and ceramic coating, watch this very comprehensive video!