Stealth conversion: Changing the appearance of a vehicle’s original paint

Protex has a great way to make your vehicle unique while maximizing the protection of painted surfaces: stealth conversion! Stand out now!

How is it done?

Having a satin paint finish is an option offered only for a small handful of car manufacturers. What’s more, this option is very often expensive and satin/matte paints are very fragile. More and more vehicle owners are therefore turning to our stores to apply a protective film with a satin finish over the glossy paint of their vehicle. This satin transformation, or also called STEALTH conversion, requires a complete covering of the painted parts with most of the time, an extension of each piece in order to cover all the visible borders.

XPEL STEALTH satin PPF is perfect for long-lasting protection and an incomparable look. A stealth conversion is only really perfect if the edges of the parts are well covered.

In a satin transformation, it may be interesting to leave some glossy details to create a contrast. However, it is important to protect these parts with our XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS glossy film!

This treatment is not only reserved for luxury vehicles. Stealth conversion can be made on any types of vehicle.

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