Volkswagen ID.4: Prepare your vehicle for The Canadian climate and roads

The new Volkswagen ID.4 electric vehicles are now hitting our roads and we are already ready to protect them

Paint Protection for ID.4

We already have the digital cutouts for this model in our XPEL DAP software which means that no stabbing on the paint will be made to cut the parts. We recommend the ULTIMATE PLUS or ULTIMATE PLUS 10 Mil paint protection film Supreme Package to provide solid protection over the entire front of the vehicle. With a very flat but very aerodynamic design, the Volkswagen ID.4 will be very prone to rock impacts and the sandblasting from sand and abrasives. An addition of the A-pillars and a roof strip would also be to be considered!

Tinted windows for ID.4

As it is a 100% electric vehicle, you will undoubtedly want to save the energy of your air conditioner during your summer rides. Our PRIME XR PLUS window film will block 98% of the sun’s infrared rays which will keep your vehicle cool once it has been tempered from the heat accumulated in the cabin. Guaranteed comfort that will make your travels memorable. Even if there is a factory shade present in the glass of the ID.4, it will only offer the privacy benefits and not the performance in heat rejection.

Ceramic coating for ID.4

As most of the population is not very diligent about cleaning its car, a ceramic coating is to be considered in order to facilitate maintenance. Our XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coating will make the painted surfaces, windows, wheels, plastic moldings and seats of your new ID.4 more resistant to stains and deposits. Bird droppings and crushed insects have never been easier to clean. The water on your windows will bead, making it almost useless to use the windshield wipers!

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