Paint Protection Film for Tesla

Paint protection film for Tesla is no longer a myth. We all know how fragile parts of the body can be from the sandblasting effect and continuous impacts. At Protex, we have developed expertise on all models including:

  • Model 3
  • Model Y
  • Model S
  • Model X
protection de peinture tesla model 3 - paint protection for tesla

Although the addition of mudguards can help protect the rocker panels, the fact remains that the projections from the wheels will continue to bounce and still continue their destruction at a slightly slower rate. The very shape of the vehicle and the bulging of the rear is the source of this premature wear. Obviously, the quality of paint, its preparation and its very variable thickness does not help. A simple glance at your Tesla after a few kilometers and you will be able to perceive the problematic places: they will be dirty first!

Of course, the longer you wait, the greater the risk of scaling and premature rust. Judge for yourself according to the few photos below


Using XPEL’s digital cutting software ( DAP), we prepared a protection package containing the parts most often requested by Tesla owners, regardless of model. Obviously, we have adapted each part so that it perfectly covers the parts of the vehicle, and this, adding ”wrap” wherever possible. In this way, the edges of the parts are protected as much as possible.

Paint Protection Film kits for Tesla

  • Full front end including hood, fenders and bumper
  • Headlights and foglights
  • Rocker panels and lower door guard
  • Mirrors and A-Pillars

Protection de peinture pour tesla - ensemble protex
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