What are the benefits of anti-graffiti film?

A big part of brand image is ensuring that your entrances and the perimeter of your building is clean and presentable. Unfortunately, it is often the case that vandals look for opportunities to vandalize business parks and commercial areas. The lack of foot traffic in these areas at night means they can paint or spray … Read more

Car Tinted Window Laws In Ontario

If you own a car and are looking to modify it, you must understand the rules and regulations surrounding motor vehicle modification. Although it might be tempting to install monster wheels and tint your windows, there are rules that determine what vehicle owners can do. These exist to ensure your safety. In this guide, we … Read more

Benefits of safety and security films for windows

Film de protection pour fenêtres

While most people know that window films have the ability to extend windows’ lives, reduce glare and lower cooling costs, they also offer some important safety benefits. Safety window films retain shattered glass throughout the lifespan of your window, protecting building occupants from personal injuries and stopping broken glass from damaging interior surfaces. Window films … Read more

Benefits of solar control film for windows

Pellicule de contrôle solaire pour fenêtre

Are you interested in saving energy or reducing your carbon footprint? If so, then you should consider installing window film. This type of film helps reduce heat gain through windows, thereby lowering air conditioning costs. In addition, they provide protection against UV rays and harmful UVC radiation from sunlight. They also improve visibility and increase … Read more