What Are The Window Tinting Laws In Alberta?

Window tinting is one of the most popular ways to enhance and customize a vehicle. Not only does it look great, but it also provides privacy and protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. However, window tinting laws vary greatly between different states and provinces. If you live in Alberta or are planning a road … Read more

How to Burglar-Proof Windows and Prevent Break-Ins

Burglaries and home invasions have been around for centuries. Although the technology and materials used to commit these crimes may have changed over the years, their methods remain largely unchanged. Homeowners are constantly looking for new ways to protect their homes from intruders. In this article, we explain how homeowners can burglar-proof windows and prevent … Read more

Can I tint the windows in my home?

Do you want to reduce the amount of ultraviolet (UV) rays that enter your home? Are you considering tinting the windows in your house? Window tints are becoming a popular way to improve the energy efficiency of a home, blocking out UV light and reducing costly outdoor air infiltration. They can also protect furniture and … Read more

Guide to car window tinting laws in British Columbia

Lois sur la teinture de vitres en Colombie-Britannique

Tinting the windows of your vehicle certainly has its advantages. For one thing, the application of tinting film can keep your car’s upholstery from fading. The effects of sunlight on leather are, after all, well-known. Window film can also protect you from harmful UV rays while you drive.  They also reduce the build-up of solar … Read more

Guide to car window tinting laws in Quebec

Vitres teintées pour voitures Loi du Québec

If you have just bought a new car and are thinking about getting your windows tinted, there are a few things that you need to know before you do. Although window tinting is legal in Canada, the regulations regarding which windows you are allowed to tint and to what degree vary from province to province. … Read more

What are the benefits of anti-graffiti film?

A big part of brand image is ensuring that your entrances and the perimeter of your building is clean and presentable. Unfortunately, it is often the case that vandals look for opportunities to vandalize business parks and commercial areas. The lack of foot traffic in these areas at night means they can paint or spray … Read more

Car Tinted Window Laws In Ontario

If you own a car and are looking to modify it, you must understand the rules and regulations surrounding motor vehicle modification. Although it might be tempting to install monster wheels and tint your windows, there are rules that determine what vehicle owners can do. These exist to ensure your safety. In this guide, we … Read more

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