Enhancing your ride’s appearance with Protex Automotive Window Tint films simply looks awesome! We went one step further by adding performance and protection to the mix. Our XR automotive films can provide maximum protection by removing up to 88% of the heat, and 99% of the U.V. rays.

You can now cross the country, go to work, bring the kids to soccer practice or do your Sunday pleasure ride in comfort and style. We will take your ride to a new level of cool! Among several benefits, reducing the sun’s heat and glare will ensure comfy and safe travels in your vehicle. In many cases, you might even stop to wear sunglasses inside your car !

Window tinting is also an effortless way to improve your vehicle’s look. This simple addition will make your ride the envy of all passersby. Take two identical cars side by side. The one with tinted windows will always stand out more. In order for that, the tint job must be flawless and this is where our expertise will help !


Our famous window tint film.

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Windshield Protection

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Take a look at how Protex Automotive Window Films can enhance your vehicle’s appearance.