Enhance your ride’s appearance with Protex Automotive Window Tinting Film. A perfectly applied window tint will give your car an awesome look! Protex takes tinting to the next level by adding performance and protection to the mix. Our XR Automotive Films provide maximum protection by removing up to 88% heat, and 99% of U.V. rays.

You can now cross the country, go to work, bring the kids to soccer practice or do your Sunday pleasure ride in comfort and style. Protex will take your ride to a new level of cool! Among several of the benefits to having window film protection applied to your vehicle is the reduction of heat and glare from the sun. Our window film protection will ensure you enjoy a comfy and safe journey. Our tint protection is so great you might even want to stop wearing sunglasses when you drive!

Getting your windows tinted is an effortless way to improve your vehicle’s look. This simple addition will make your ride the envy of all passersby. Take two identical cars side by side-the one with tinted windows will always stand out. The perfect tint job must be flawless in it’s presentation, and this is where our expertise comes in!

Protex uses XPEL’s Design Access Program to precut tint jobs before completing the window tinting installation. The window tinting software allows a perfect fit on the vehicle and  accelerates the finished look of the window tint. Another huge perk is that you won’t have blade scratches on your vehicle’s glass surfaces, as our window tinting application is cut prior to installation.

Our Protex Master Installers receive all the necessary training to ensure your vehicles windows are  perfectly tinted. Every member of the Protex family benefits from the joint knowledge of the Protex installer community, allowing them to succeed with any tinting challenges. Without the proper shrink technique, you will not achieve a flawless tint job. As Protex has several hundred years of combined experience from tinting thousands of vehicles, our teams have the skills to make your car tint perfect!


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