XPEL Paint protection film will extend the life of the painted surfaces on your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, etc. This can do wonders to increase their future resale values! You don’t just drive a car – you drive a statement with bold lines, amazing shine, and a one of kind protected finish!

Roads can wreak havoc on your vehicle : rock chips, road salt, tar, and bugs destroy a car’s paint and create premature rusting in the process. Even exposure to the sun and its harmful UV rays cans cause your exterior to become broken down and faded. A clear bra and even a full wrap of your car provides a long lasting protection. The return on investment is no match with any other type of protective solution out there.

Your vehicle is often a significant expense. Getting it chipped, scratched, and pitted surface damage can be extremely costly to fix and can leave the exposed areas prone to rust. With a top of the line self-healing technology that melts away scratches and minor abrasions,  we cover with paint protection film your :

Daily drivers ( cars, trucks, suv’s )

Luxury Vehicles

Fleet Vehicles, Heavy Trucks

Motorcycles, Three Wheelers, ATV’s, Side by Side Vehicles

Boats, Pontoons

Motorhomes, Campers, Travel Trailers

… and More!

A software that makes every paint protection film fit perfectly to every car parts

Paint protection film is only half of the solution. The installation of this XPEL clear bra on your vehicle is the other half. With a precision pattern cutting system (DAP), all makes and models can get the best coverage, wrapped edges and extremely precise details match. On top of that, it insures that no blade marks are made on the paint you wish to protect !

XPEL Ultimate Plus

The industry benchmark in paint protection film. Hi-gloss finish, self-healing technology, ultimate comformability. The invisible shield your car deserves.

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XPEL Stealth

Elevated style, same substance. This satin finish provides all matte painted vehicles the possibility to have a clear bra. With a full paint protection film coverage, it changes totally the look of a regular car !

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Now it's time to protect your ride!

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