What are the benefits of anti-graffiti film?

A big part of brand image is ensuring that your entrances and the perimeter of your building is clean and presentable. Unfortunately, it is often the case that vandals look for opportunities to vandalize business parks and commercial areas. The lack of foot traffic in these areas at night means they can paint or spray graffiti in peace, leaving you to deal with the problem in the morning.  

If your building is constantly getting graffitied, or you are worried about the likelihood of property damage occurring in your area, we have the ultimate solution for you. Anti-graffiti window film is the best solution to counteract spray paint and keep your building neat and tidy. 

What is anti-graffiti film?

Anti graffiti window film is a thin layer of film that is applied to windows and other glass surfaces in order to provide a layer of protection against graffiti damage. It is effective in preventing permanent damage to windows. 

Install anti-graffiti film 

How does anti-graffiti film work?

Vision™ anti-graffiti window film works in a simple way. It comes in a large roll and all you need to do is remove the adhesive backing and apply it to your window. The only thing you need to worry about is getting the bubbles out of the protective film when you apply it to the glass. If the film gets painted over, you can easily remove and replace it quickly. 

In fact, you don’t even have to do this if the graffiti is paint-based, as the film is easy to clean. However, if the graffiti you have on your hands is through scratching or etching, the film is thick enough to ensure that there is no damage to your window. In such a case, you will need to replace the film.

What are the benefits of anti-graffiti film?

Protects your glass

The first and most obvious benefit of anti-graffiti film is the fact that it protects your glass. Vision™ anti-graffiti window film protects not only against spray paint, but also against scratching or etching. 

Saves you money 

Damaged glass can be extremely costly to replace. It’s not possible to just patch up the little area that has been affected. Rather, you will need to invest in an entirely new window pane, an installation crew, and all additional costs associated with window replacement. On the other hand, anti-graffiti film is a low-cost investment. All you need to do if your window is graffitied is replace the film, which is a far more affordable alternative. 

Deters vandals

Most vandals destroy property as a form of rebellion, and enjoy the fact that they know they are causing problems for people. However, if you have anti-graffiti film on your windows, they know that whatever they do is just going to be removed in the morning. They will, therefore, have no motivation to target your property.

How is anti-graffiti film installed?

The installation process of anti-graffiti film is simple. However, if you have big windows, it can be complicated. Which is why we recommend seeking the help of a professional installer

Anti-graffiti film services

If you own a commercial property or a building in an area prone to vandalism, you will benefit greatly from anti-graffiti window film. Protex Canada is dedicated to bringing you only the finest films to ensure that your property is adequately protected. Since 1989, the Protex network expanded from Quebec to Alberta and British Columbia, becoming the biggest Canadian install franchise network of paint protection, automotive window tint, and architectural films.

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We offer both commercial and residential services, and also provide automotive film to protect your vehicle. 

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