Frosted and Decorative Films

It's all about style and privacy

Frosted and decorative films will transform your spaces

Whether for your home or office, our frosted and decorative films can add character to a space. Whether you need to change the look of a glass surface or just reduce the visibility between two rooms while preserving the brightness, we have more than one solution for you.

Frosted film can be used in many forms and types of glass surfaces:

Frosted and decorative films for every commercial project

Seting up your office windows with decorative film is a good way to create design without compromising the layout. Should a consultation space be more private? No problem. Decorative and frosted films can be cut and personalized. Whether it is to embed your logo, a repeated pattern or abstract graphic elements, we always have very aesthetic proposals while providing the necessary privacy in order to satisfy you!

Whether you are an interior designer, an architect or simply a decoration enthusiast, we will do everything to make your wildest projects come true. Send us your plans or just let us know your ideas! Our teams have graphic designers who will create the desired effect.

Adds Style

Grants intimacy

Block the view while letting light in

At Protex, the estimate for your decorative film work is always free. Our teams are mobile and we offer residential, commercial and institutional services. Contact us to arrange for a visit from one of our advisers. They will be able to determine with you which product best meets your needs and thus give you a fair quote!

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