Benefits of solar control film for windows

Are you interested in saving energy or reducing your carbon footprint? If so, then you should consider installing window film. This type of film helps reduce heat gain through windows, thereby lowering air conditioning costs. In addition, they provide protection against UV rays and harmful UVC radiation from sunlight. They also improve visibility and increase privacy.

Solar films are becoming increasingly popular because they provide homeowners with a variety of benefits and the installation process is simple and affordable. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of solar control window film in this guide.

What is a solar control window film?

Solar control window film is a type of window tint made from tough polyethylene terephthalate (PET) laminates. It offers extra protection against UV rays, which can cause fading to furniture and fabrics. It also blocks out light, which can make rooms feel darker if that is an effect you are looking for.

You can use solar film on either side of the window. On one side, you’ll find a rugged coating that resists scratching. On the other side, there’s an adhesive layer that sticks to the glass. This allows you to install solar film on double-hung windows without having to remove the hardware.

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How do solar control window films work?

Solar control films are coated with reflective materials that block out the sun’s harmful rays while allowing natural light to pass through. These films are used on windows and skylights, and can also be applied to glass doors and walls. The most common type, exterior solar control film, is designed to protect against both visible and UV radiation.

Exterior solar control films come in three different types:

  • Low-E coating: Low-E films are best suited for flat surfaces like glass since they are less likely to cause glare problems.
  • Medium-E coating: Medium-E films are better for angled surfaces such as roofs and facades, where they help keep the building cooler during hot summer days.
  • High-E coating: High-E films provide the highest level of protection, blocking 99% of both visible and UV light.

Interior solar control films are typically clear and allow you to see what’s happening inside your home without having to open up a window. They work well on windowsills, sliding glass doors, and shower enclosures.

What are the benefits of solar window films for residential properties and home owners?

Whether it reduces damage to furnishings, provides excellent aesthetics, or prevents excessive heat in your living room, solar window films are a great addition to any building design. Below are just a few of the benefits that homeowners experience with solar window films. 

Comfortable living conditions

Solar window film is a great way to improve comfort and habitability in your home. Solar window film reduces heat gain during hot days and cold nights while blocking out ultraviolet light. In addition, it doesn’t interfere with the view, nor does it affect the aesthetics of your home. If you want to enjoy natural sunlight but don’t like the idea of installing curtains, blinds, or shades, you should consider investing in solar window film.

Energy efficient

One of the biggest benefits of solar film for your window is that you get to save money on heating and cooling expenses throughout the year. During the colder months when temperatures drop, you’ll use less energy because your windows will keep your home warmer. Similarly, during the hotter months when temperatures rise, you’ll spend less on air conditioning fees because your windows will keep your house cooler.

Glare reduction

Solar control window films are able to reduce glare by up to 90%. They can also shield you from UV radiation, which may lead to premature aging of your skin and furnishings. Like in museums and art galleries where people often hang paintings and sculptures, having solar control window films in your house protects your furniture and decor from getting damaged and fading due to sunlight exposure. Additionally,  if your residence faces south, solar window films will make your living space comfortable for you and your guests by reducing glare, particularly on screens, and improving brightness levels inside your home.

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What are the benefits of solar window films for offices?

In addition to improving homes, they also benefit business owners and individuals working in offices. For businesses, it goes beyond simple protection from the elements because solar window films increase employee productivity. Below are some of the greatest benefits for companies. 

Improve productivity

The glare coming through windows can cause discomfort for workers, impacting their performance. This problem has been around for ages and has received attention from management and researchers alike. Studies show that applying solar control window films reduces glare by up to 90%, improving employee comfort and boosting productivity. Solar window films are easy to install, cost-effective and discreet, letting in natural light without interfering with outside views. They’re the perfect solution to reduce glare!

Control office temperature

Heat control is another important benefit of solar window films, preventing the greenhouse effect and enabling heat to radiate outwards, keeping workers comfortable and improving productivity. Working in a heated environment can lead to discomfort and frustration, causing tiredness and subsequently affecting communication between employees.

With solar reflective window film applied, the greenhouse effect can be avoided, allowing heat from sunlight to be reflected back into the atmosphere, thereby reducing heat build-up inside buildings. Not only will you recover the cost of the initial purchase within just two years, but solar window film also helps contribute to reducing your carbon footprint.

How long do solar window films last?

Depending on the climate, temperature, and type of glass used, solar control film can last anywhere from 3 to 15 years. Solar control film is typically installed over windows during the summer months. Solar control film is different from window tinting because it doesn’t block light entirely; rather, it controls how much light passes through. 

In general, solar control film lasts longer in colder climates where there are fewer changes in daylight hours. However, extreme heat, harsh weather conditions, and poor installations usually reduce the lifespan of solar control films.

How do you install solar film on windows?

The installation of solar film on windows is best left in the hands of experts. Some types of film are made specifically for windows while others are designed to work well on both glass and plastic.

Below are some basic instructions on how to install solar film for windows:

  • Clean your window.
  • Ensure your window is slightly damp.
  • Remove the backing of the film. This is the adhesive side.
  • Align the film properly and apply it to the window, ensuring that there are no kinks or bubbles once applied. 
  • Apply a small amount of water again to ensure it is clean and clear. 

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Solar control window film services

If you are looking for a way to reduce the amount of visible light that enters your residential building or commercial building, applying solar control window film is the ultimate solution. Not only can it help reduce your energy bills and provide you with energy savings, but it can also have more serious benefits such as reducing the chance of developing skin cancer due to the fact that it limits your daily exposure to direct sunlight. 

At Protex, we sell different types of glass window films depending on the aesthetic you are looking for and the purpose you need them for. Below is a list of the films we offer:

  • Solar film: solar window tints and films are great if you are looking to achieve sun control. Not only does it harness solar energy to improve the energy rating of your house and contribute to carbon footprint reduction, but it also works to protect your skin and indoor furnishings from sun damage. 
  • Safety and security film: the main benefit of window film designed to protect your safety and security is the peace of mind it gives you. Our safety film is specially designed to deter intruders and minimize the damage that might occur during  a breaking in or other accidents. 
  • Anti-graffiti film: you can apply invisible film on your windows to get anti-graffiti protection. This type of film is great for commercial buildings. 
  • Decorative film: if you want your glass to have a different exterior aesthetic, then decorative film can help you achieve that. You can choose your optical clarity, whether you wanted frosted glass window film or a design based on your own aesthetic appeal.

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