Benefits of safety and security films for windows

While most people know that window films have the ability to extend windows’ lives, reduce glare and lower cooling costs, they also offer some important safety benefits. Safety window films retain shattered glass throughout the lifespan of your window, protecting building occupants from personal injuries and stopping broken glass from damaging interior surfaces.

Window films are especially useful during summer months and can help prevent break-ins. Regardless of why the glass breaks, whether it be due to accidents, extreme weather conditions or criminal activity, safety window films help keep building occupants safe.

What are safety and security films for windows?

Security window film is a type of protective coating that is applied directly onto the surface of standard glass windows. It provides protection against damage caused by impacts such as breaking into a home or office and acts as a barrier against harmful substances including smoke and toxic gases. In addition, it prevents glare and reduces fading of interior materials.

The main benefit of security window film is that it strengthens regular glass windows without requiring additional reinforcement. With tempered glass, which is used because of building code requirements, the glass is reinforced with metal strips. This makes it very strong but it adds weight and thickness to the glass. Because security film does not require additional reinforcement, it allows the glass to remain lightweight while still providing added strength.

How is window film manufactured?

Window films are composed of layers of polyester film substrates to which scratch resistant coatings are applied on one side and an adhesive layer as well as a protective liner are applied on the other side. When the release liner is removed, the side of the film with the adhesive layer is applied to a surface of the glass. Standard window films may have 8 layers and undergo 7 manufacturing steps.

Window films may be either clear or tinted. Clear films are used primarily for aesthetic purposes, whereas tinted films provide privacy protection. Tinting agents include dyes, pigments, or reflective particles that change color when light passes through them. Some common types of window film include low E, solar control, privacy security film, heat mirror, UV protection, anti fog, reflective, smoke shield, decorative films, and safety glass.

Benefits of window film

How do safety and security window films work?

Safety and security window films are designed to protect you and your property against unwanted intruders. They work by holding broken glass together, rather than allowing it to fall out. If the glass shatters, no glass pieces will fly around or cause injuries. Instead, the fragments will remain inside the pane, keeping everyone safe.

Window film for glass is applied directly onto the outside of the glass windowpane in a process similar to applying paint. Once it’s installed, it seals the glass and creates a barrier to prevent moisture from entering the home. This helps keep condensation out during cold weather and prevents water stains from forming on the interior side of the glass.

Are safety and security window films unbreakable or shatterproof?

Nothing is completely unbreakable and shatterproof, not even the thickest security film. However, safety and security window films are highly shatter-resistant. They do their job well to protect residents and workers. After all, safety and security film is designed to reduce the effects of impact so you won’t experience the same level of breakage.

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Is window security film bulletproof?

The short answer is no, safety and security film is not bulletproof and will not protect you from an active shooter. There is no such thing as bulletproof window film despite misleading advertisements and videos.

If your business requires ballistic protection, you should consider using bullet-resistant windows. Security films and ballistic glasses serve different purposes and as you can imagine bullet-resistant glass offers higher levels of protection than security films. Bullet-resistant glass is often rated according to specific criteria including level of protection, thickness, and impact resistance. 

What situations does security window film protect against?

Security window film protects against break-ins from the outside and help to keep out heat, light, air, moisture, dust, insects, birds, animals, wind, rain, and snow. It also helps keep items inside protected from damage. If you have valuable items such as jewelry, artwork, electronics, antiques, collectibles, etc., this type of protection can be very helpful. Below are the main situations that security film protects against.

Accident protection

Safety window films offer protection against the hazards of shattered glass. Glass shatters into sharp pieces that are dangerous to people and property. In many accidents, the presence of safety window film mitigates the danger posed by broken glass. The engineered safety film adheres firmly to the surface of the glass, keeping the glass together and preventing it from flying away. This reduces the risk of injury caused by broken glass shards. 

Crime protection and vandalism

Glass is one of the most common ways criminals gain entry into a house or office. Thankfully, installing safety film helps to deter them. The best way to prevent glass breaking and protect your home from intruders is to install shatterproof film on the inside of your glass doors and windows. This helps keep intruders from shattering the glass and gaining access to your home or office.

Weather protection

Storms can cause damage to buildings by picking up rocks and debris or knocking down trees, which can break the glass on impact. The good news is that security film window systems provide protection against natural disasters. These safety film systems work by holding the film in place during high winds to prevent it from being blown off. They transfer the force of wind directly into the frame, absorbing and dispersing energy while protecting the glass.

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What are the benefits of safety and security window films?

  1. They prevent injury

Safety and security window film protect you from injury if your windows are to shatter. If a baseball is thrown into a window, the security film keeps the glass in place and prevents it from shattering onto the ground. The film absorbs the impact, keeping the glass intact. Even if your window breaks, the film keeps the dangerous glass shards in one spot to avoid hurting anyone.

  1. They regulate temperature

Although there are many benefits to safety film, most people don’t know that it regulates the temperature of your home or office so it can help you save money on heating and cooling bills. Installing tinted security film helps keep out unwanted heat and cold air and reduce glare. You can control how much sunlight enters your home, whether you want to maintain a consistent indoor climate, or simply save on energy costs during the summer months.

  1. They can offer more privacy

You can choose among a variety of different tints for your security window film. Whether you want your glass to be mostly see-through or opaque, it is up to you. This allows you to increase your privacy as a homeowner or a business owner. If there are people walking past your house or place of work every day and looking in as they pass by, you can simply install privacy window film for extra privacy. 

Safety and security window film services

Safety and security window film offers an additional layer of protection from a variety of different exterior forces. No matter what kind of protection you are looking for, Protex has a film to satisfy your needs. 

The window films we offer include:

  • Solar film: it is designed to improve your house’s energy efficiency and lower the average cost of your energy bills. This kind of film controls light transmittance and direct sunlight into your home to prevent sun damage and ensure your house is never too hot or too cold.
  • Safety and security film: this is a type of film designed to prioritise your personal safety. Our standard security films deter intruders and come in differing levels of film thickness to provide maximum protection. 
  • Anti-graffiti window film: we apply the invisible film to windows and you instantly gain protection against graffiti and property damage. This film is great for commercial buildings.
  • Decorative film: if you want your glass panes to have a different aesthetic, decorative film is the answer. You can choose your preferred optical clarity, whether you wanted a frosted glass or a design of your choice. 

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