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Choose Protex Canada for you automotive detailing - The #1 car detailing services in Canada

Protex supplies nothing except the best professional auto detailing services in Canada. Our team of professional detailers will ensure your vehicle leaves in sublime condition. If you thought showroom detailing was good, wait until you see Protex!

What is car detailing?

Car detailing is when a fully trained and specialised expert applies the necessary changes and/or improvements to restore your car to its former factory-looking glory, or even better! Professional and trained vehicle detailers and wrappers use specialised detailing equipment and cleaning and coating products to transform your car to look good as brand new.

A full automotive detailing service is the perfect way to give your car a second life!

Although a simple coat of paint can be one of the best options to restore that factory gleam, a full car detail can take the appearance of your car to the next level. At Protex, our professional detailers will get to work on all of your vehicle’s needs to make it truly gleaming. We will use the finest products and best techniques on your car windows, tires, rims, and rockers to make them look better than ever.

FUSION PLUSTM Ceramic Coating

The first of its kind from industry leaders in surface protection. FUSION PLUS™ ceramic coating combines a superior hydrophobic formula with an unmatched shine to keep your car looking pristine as if it’s just had a new paint finish or rolled out of the factory yesterday! 

We have a wide range of Ceramic Coating detailing products to keep your vehicle looking brand new! We have automotive detailing coating packages such as:
  • Paint & Paint Protection Film
  • Wheel & Caliper Ceramic Coating
  • Glass and Window Ceramic Coating
  • Upholstery Ceramic Coating
  • Plastic & Trim Ceramic Coating

We also have ceramic coating detailing available in Coquitlam for your marine vehicles with our Marine Ceramic Coating service.

Our coating products partnered together with our professional techniques create a quality service and a fantastic water repellency result for your automotive or marine vehicle.

Additional Auto Detailing Products

We only use and sell the finest products in the car detailing space to have your vehicle in pristine condition every single day.

Try our vehicle detailing and care products. They were designed to coordinate and work with our films. They are all available in our stores. To try it is to adopt it!

Why Choose To Get Your Vehicle Detailed in Coquitlam With Protex

Are you looking for a quality service that will bring your care back to life using professional techniques? Do you want to get a professional team to carry out better than showroom detailing for your vehicle? Then Protex is the professional car detailing company for you! 

Protex Car Detailers pride themselves on offering a wide variety of specialised and top-quality auto detailing products and services. We’re well-stocked with state-of-­the-art equipment, tools and high-end products to perform interior and exteri­or car detailing, paint correction, paint protection film, window tinting, ceramic coating, waxing, and much more to get your vehicle in top condition and keep it safe using fantastic water repellency and UV protection products.

Your carpet, rugs, upholstery, trim, and other surfaces inside your car can be exposed to food grease, beverages, cigarettes, mud and dirt, pets, and so much more—all of which can damage them. Even the sun can cause damage to your car’s interior and dashboard. Professional detailers know their stuff. They’re experts at restoring leather, fabrics, and carpet fibres. And they have the best tools to do it.

Car detailing isn’t just about cleaning your car. It’s about making sure your car looks its best. It’s about what it does for you and what it says about yourself and your car. Believe it or not, consistent interior and exterior detailing of your car can actually increase the value of your vehicle, improve your career prospects, and make you happier. It also saves you a lot of time. The time that you would usually spend cleaning such as an exterior wash, taking the vacuum to your upholstery, leather cleaning, fixing minor scratches and going to the store to find a half-decent paint sealant that actually works for your car.

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We strive to exceed expectations at Protex by going above and beyond to ensure our clients’ experiences are enjoyable and satisfying ones. We let our work take the stage and do the talking. We’ve never had an issue that we couldn’t solve. We’re up to date with the latest proper techniques to ensure your beloved car appears as new as possible.

Why not simply go to the carwash?

Most people who are looking into booking an appointment to get their vehicle detailed sometimes mistake auto detailing with a simple car wash and vacuum. Although both usually involve cleaning the vehicle, the difference between the two at Protex is gigantic!

The difference between car detailing and a car wash

A car wash is simply to clean the exterior of the automobile

When you’re talking about a simple car wash, the main objective of washing the vehicle is to remove stains from the car such as dirt, dust, bird mess, salt from the roads and any other natural stains that could collect on the external body of your car.

Car detailing services transforms your automotive

The end goal of car detailing is to make your vehicle stand out and look the best it ever has from both the internal and external views and restore the car to the way it looked when it rolled out of the factory or, after a Protex detail, even better! 

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