Testimonials are the best way to prove you that being Protex is simply AWESOME !

“I have been part of the Protex Canada family for 4 years now, I have never been a part of
another corporate entity or business team that has such a supportive ethos. The Protex name
comes with a large like-minded community of individuals who are always willing to help each
other. In the beginning we helped train each other and even helped work at each others’
locations. There is a consistent culture of sharing, whether it’s a new technique or solution to a
common problem. Unlike other big teams we have a lot less competition amongst each other
and a lot more unity.”

Luke Osbaldeston

Owner, Vancouver Protex

“My name is PJ Dumont and I have been part of the Protex family for 3 years now. I offer all three
of the Protex Canada services, Paint Protection Film, Automotive Tinting, and Residential and
Commercial Window Films. I enjoy doing all three services and unlike other tint bays we can stay
busy all year by offering the different services. We can really maximize our potential even in a
smaller market like Lethbridge. We are really working on expanding our Residential and
Commercial tint services and I know when next season starts I can rely on Protex Canada
corporate to send me out a on site trainer willing to help with everything from install techniques
to cold calls.”

PJ Dumont

Owner, Lethbridge Protex