Whether you operate a car dealership, an automotive industry services retailer,  an independent paint protection,  automotive window tint service center, or flat glass architectural installation business, owning one of our franchises comes with many benefits from our initial and ongoing assistance, to being part of the largest film installation network in Canada.

While this is a very common sense vertical integration for most car dealership and automotive industry services retailers, this is also a one time opportunity for independent paint protection or window film installers to operate under a growing and well known brand. We also have an architectural film division for those outside of the automotive world.  It is an opportunity to be supported by the Protex franchise system standards and marketing program, which is focused on making your operation more viable.

Protex Franchise Benefits

  • We are the Canadian leader in paint protection and window film installation.
  • Our collective buying power, and the relationships with our suppliers, guarantees us exclusive products that exceed all standards in the industry.
  • We have a unique film installation certification program in order to make sure your installers are the best in the industry.
  • Innovative marketing strategies, POP material, traditional online and offline marketing advertising campaigns, and several other tools to elevate your sales and promote your business, are all part of the Protex package.
  • We will help you recruit and qualify your designated operator and installers.
  •  We provide initial training and continued technical support to foster the viability of your operations. This ongoing support follows you through the years, evolves with the market, and is committed to your success.
  • The Protex brand includes over 50 franchises across Canada.

As a dynamic, mature, and growing brand, Protex is an incredible opportunity. Not only will you love our products, but you’ll become a part the family. Contact us today and find out how you can start on your journey of owning a Protex franchise!

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What does it cost to open a Protex Franchise?

How do you know if this investment is right for you? Like any investment, the cost to open one of our franchises can vary depending on the location, area, and size of the premises. The total investment is approximately $100k to $350k, with typical premises ranging from 1000 to 2,500 square feet. 

What are the characteristics of a good Franchisee?

A good Protex franchisee will be dedicated, confident and ambitious to join this exclusive protective film installers community. Whereas Protex is the leader in these non-stop, growing, industries and markets, we need to partner with the right people to make sure that our brand continues to shine, and that the services offered by our Protex dealers are top shelf. A positive attitude and committed individuals make all the difference for us. We want your passion about your business to rub off on your staff as well. Employees look for leadership, and the success of your location will directly reflect your ability to lead. Lead from the front so your team knows exactly what is expected of them.

Another key ingredient in great franchise owners is selecting those franchisees who can follow a system. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when we’ve already done it for you. Your focus should be on generating more business by engaging with customers and employees, and forming relationships with the community around you. Your goal is to become THE preferred film installer in your community, and you’ll do that by touching on all of the things mentioned above. No success comes without hard work.

What are the additional benefits of opening a Protex Franchise?

There are many benefits associated with becoming a Protex franchisee. On top of being guided every step of the way, you get to be part of a large family of film installers that reaches across Canada.  The Protex principle feature remains mastering the art of installation, as we realize that this is what makes us so successful. We focus on providing our franchisees all the necessary tools to keep their installers ahead of the competition.

How much money can I Make?

This is the most common question when looking at investing in a franchise. Each franchisee might have a different range of profits due to various market conditions such as location, population in your territory, and how much work the franchise owner has put into the business. For example, if you own car dealerships, every single customer entering your dealerships should be offered Protex film protection. So, you will decide how much money you make. Legally  we can’t disclose the exact amount, but there is an excellent option we do provide to help show you those numbers. In most provinces of Canada, every franchise organization is required to have a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to do business. The financial information listed within that document, plus the gross sales margin information that we will provide you concurrently, should help you elaborating your own pro-forma scenarios. Whereas we aren’t allowed to make earnings claims, we do provide the contact information of the owners in our system so that you may contact them directly regarding questions about the business, revenue, and tips on how to run your businesses. They can answer questions that we aren’t allowed to answer legally. Use them to your advantage!

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