Is it possible to apply a film that creates a “one way mirror” effect?

Yes, people often want to see out but don’t want others to see in, this effect has limitations based on lighting conditions. Your Protex Architectural Film expert will be able to test and explain this function with an onsite consultation.

Is it possible to apply a solar control film on thermo glass without causing breakage or seal failure?

Yes, Protex has collectively filmed hundreds of thousands of windows over the years and one of our specialists can recommend the right film to safely meet your needs.

Does the film come with warranty? What is the lifespan of a film installed on windows?

According to the type of material and where it’s applied, warranty may vary from 5 to 10 years. It covers labor and material stability (adhesive, color and finish). Material lifespan is usually 20 years but can vary depending several factor.

Can I get a estimate on my window film project?

Yes, it is as simple as locating your nearest Protex Architectural Window Film provider and set up on site consultation.

Is the film easy to clean and maintain?

Cleaning your newly upgraded windows is simple and straightforward as the film has a scratch resistant coating. After installation your Protex service provider will leave you with cleaning and care instructions.

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