Protex window films do so much for you! Improve your home and office comfort with our solar films. Privacy is achieved with class and style, using various frosting and decorative solutions. Security films add peace of mind knowing your business and family are safe, and so much more.

Let us improve the places you love the most. When your choose from Protex’s range of architectural films, you are taking care of  your home or office. Our films can ensure the safety and comfort of both your work family and your home family. Whether it is UV protection to stop fading, or a ultra strong layer of security film to keep bad elements out, contact us today and find out more about our incredible flat glass upgrades.

The benefits are endless: Building and home energy management with our solar upgrades that save you money from the first day they are applied through there 20 plus year life span. We can eliminate headache inducing glare from computer screens and TV’s. Having a little, or a lot of privacy stops you from looking over your shoulder in your office or house. Anti-Graffiti and security films protect your secure spaces so you can focus on the things that are important to you.

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