Since 1989, Protex has transformed the world of paint protection, window tint, and architectural film, pushing away  the limits of the industry and raising the install standards to the pinnacle.


More than 70 locations, coast to coast

Come and see why we are the biggest install network!

A brief history

It all started in 1989…
Protex was founded to address the growing need for automotive paint protection film and window tint. Consumers were becoming more educated and demanding quality, precision workmanship, and a company that would stand behind their products. Protex rose to the challenge by building its network with professionals in the window film and paint protection industry, who together, felt they could lift the automotive film industry to an unprecedented level. Together, they could offer top quality products, workmanship, and warranties that would be unmatched by their competition. Together, they could share knowledge and up their game. Together, they could achieve more!


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