We have two great window tint options available now with one more on the way. Both our CS and XR series of films come with a variety of shades to match all the major automotive manufacturers, and give you the customer a option that will enhance your cool!


Getting your vehicle tinted always improves the appearance! Why not enhance your ride with our famous CS window tint film? Not only does it look great on your windows, but it is extremely effective in blocking UV rays and reducing eye strain caused by the glare of sunlight. And all of this without compromising clarity and safety. Various shades are offered, we even have a 100% legal option for your front side windows (in some provinces). This film will never fade, peel, crack or turn purple.

  • Reduce glare : Enhance your visibility and reduce eyestrain.
  • Reduce heat : Block solar heat radiation for a more comfortable ride.
  • UV protection : Repel more than 99% of UV rays which protects your interior from sun damage. Avoid degrading your vehicles value .
  • Great signal : No metallic particles that blocks your radio, cellular or bluetooth signal.
  • Lifetime warranty : As the industries leading colour-stable dyed product, we provide you with a limited Lifetime Warranty.

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The ultimate Heat Blocker : Think of this coating as an infrared treatment for your vehicle. Available in multiple shades, this window tint product is the perfect match for looking cool and being comfortable in your ride. Even the clearest shade blocks 99% of UV rays and 79% of Infrared Rays (IR rays). Many of our clients even get the film applied over their factory tinted windows, their sunroofs, and panoramic roofs. With the growing popularity of electric and hybrid cars, we want to optimize our energy consumption, so think of all the A/C energy saved by blocking the suns heat from coming in your vehicle!

  • Lifetime transferable warranty : As the industries leading high-end product, we are pleased to give you a Transferable Lifetime Warranty.
  • Nano-ceramic technology : The ceramic particles in the film act as a shield that block IR rays. This has proven to be better than metallized and dyed films.
    Ultimate heat rejection : With more than 80% of infrared rays blocked, your ride will stay as cool on the inside as it looks from the outside.
  • UV rays rejection : The SPF protection of this film will block over 99% of the UV rays, that are proven to cause injury to your skin and damage the interior of your ride.
  • Clarity : Even the lightest shade of our XR Film is high performance, so why install pitch black film and lose clarity to compensate? Get all the benefits in one solution – the pinnacle of performance and comfort.
  • Interference-free signal : We guarantee crystal clear communications with the XR coating. It’s technology doesn’t interfere with radio, cellular, or blue-tooth signals.

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We are currently testing and developing windshield protection film for you! This new technology will help protect your front windshield from rock chips that cause cracking and compromise the integrity and safety of the vehicle.  As you may know, Canadian weather is one of a kind so we must come with a resistant solution that can endure the warmest summers and coldest winters! Once it’s perfect, be sure we’ll let you know!

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