Do you have a warranty on products and services?

Yes, in fact our premium XR product is guaranteed for life and transferable from one vehicle owner to another

Do you install film on the outside of the vehicle?

No, we shrink the film to match the windows shape and size on the outside. The final application is done inside the vehicle adding to the films lifespan by protecting it from outside elements.

What is the difference between the XR Premium Film series and other automotive films?

The XR Film series has an incredible lifespan and most comprehensive warranty in North America, blocks 99% of damaging UV rays, and has the best performance in the industry blocking 80% to 88% of the sun’s heat, which results in increased comfort and a substantial increase in fuel economy due to a reduced demand on air conditioning.

Is tinting my car's windows legal?

The laws vary from province to province. In most provinces there is no limit as to the depth or percentage of tint you apply to the back window and rear doors as long as the vehicle has both side mirrors. As far as front windows go Protex has a nearly invisible high performance tint that has a clear view into the vehicle as well as out

What are the benefits of having tinted windows?

Improved appearance of the vehicle, privacy, and blocking 99% of UV rays that degrade surfaces, are just some of the benefits. Our automotive films will also reduce heat and glare, improving your overall driving experience and comfort.

How do I get film treatment done on my vehicle?

Locate your nearest Protex Automotive Install center and enquire and make an appointment today!

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