Protex Canada and the Protex Ultra Clear-Bra!

March 19, 2018

Protex UltraThe best in Automotive Paint Protection Films.

Vancouver BC Nov 30th, 2017 – The Protex franchise is busy expanding across Canada and the clear-bra is their specialty! “I don’t think our industry is crazy about the clear-bra terminology, but I get where it comes from.

Patrick Boudreault is the marketing director for the Protex franchise, “throughout the 80’s and early 90’s you had this leather covering, known as a “car bra”, for the front of your car to protect the paint from rock chips and damage caused from the diverse driving conditions experienced throughout North America. The problem was this bra often collected dirt and grim underneath it and caused more damage then it prevented. It was also bulky and unsightly, and limited to front ends on cars and wasn’t easily adapted to other types of vehicles.”

Welcome to the new world of Paint Protection Films, these new urethane based flexible films can be adapted to fit almost any type of vehicle. You can also cover the entire vehicles surface for full protection on all vulnerable parts that may see excess surface damage. The Protex Ultra Film even self heals in the event of scratches and abrasions. A little hot water or intense sunshine and presto small scratches heal closed and your back to a beautiful glossy finish.

“With our Protex Ultra Film we can adapt coverage to meet your individual needs, we have customers that take $300,000.00-dollar supercars to the track and they want them looking just as good when they are done and driving up the street to meet someone for dinner.”

“The bulk of our customers are everyday people like you and me, car companies have really stepped up their game in the last decade and even entry level vehicles have amazing finishes that need protection. Let’s face it, every vehicle means something to somebody and we all want them looking sharp for as long as possible. If we can also get a better trade in value because the exterior is like the day we bought it, well that’s a huge bonus as well.”

Protex Ultra Film can be used on everything from motorcycles to boats and RVs as well as custom hot rods. The Paint Protection Film industry is growing rapidly and so is Protex Canada. “We have the foundation in place to be the most successful install network in Canada and North America. We are ready to meet with individuals who are interested in owning their own business and territories across most of Canada are wide open.”

Visit Protex Canada at their website or give them a call at 1-800-816-8222