Protex Canada announces Nationwide expansion

March 19, 2018

New partners needed across the country

Terrebonne, QC, Nov 15th, 2017 – The Protex franchise network is already the largest of its kind in North America and now has plans to expand to every province and city in Canada. This is a huge opportunity for people looking to own their own business.

Protex offers three main services, Paint Protection Films for cars, also known as the “clear bra”. As well as Automotive Window Tinting, as well Commercial and Residential Window Film sales and service.

Jamie Frick is the Western Canadian rep for the company and had this to say about the upcoming opportunity for investors, “We currently have just over 40 locations and we would like to see at least 40 more over the next 2-5 years, the projected global market in Paint Protection Film alone is in the billions. Not unlike any other business we have had our growing pains and missteps. We spent the last year perfecting a formula that can be used to create success for our new franchisees. Protex Canada is now a fully functioning Franchise that can hold its own with any other of the big franchise groups in the country.”

The Protex franchise model has multiple services that can be licenced separately or in combination allowing for a versatile business model that can function well both in small markets and large municipalities. “We have a franchise model that is really unique as it can be a brick and mortar location in form of a walk-in shop, or a mobile division that can really thrive in a small market. We even have a in house model for dealership groups. Or maybe you own a glass shop and would like to add-on a Protex Residential/Commercial Window Film franchise that will increase your services without a major overhaul.”

Protex Canada will officially announce its expansion plan on November 18th, 2017 at the annual Franchise meeting in Terrebonne, Quebec were the companies head office is located. After the announcement a renewed focus will be on bringing investors and small business people to the table to highlight the business model and opportunities that are available throughout Canada.

Protex Canada has been in the Protective Film industry since 1989 and has over 40 service locations currently operating in Canada. You can connect with us directly through our website at or call 1-800-816-8222.