How long does it take to apply Paint Protection Film to my vehicle?

It depends on the amount of coverage, as well size and type of vehicle. Basic packages may take as little as a hour and a half. Premium packages offer more coverage and typically between three hours to six hours.

Do I need to wash the vehicle before the installation appointment?

It is always better that the vehicle is as clean as possible before your application. That allows you and your Certified Protex Installer to properly inspect the aesthetic condition of the vehicle before treatment. Your Protex Installer will always do a thorough cleaning so that the application surfaces are impeccable.

Does the film camouflage the defects of my paint?

It depends of the defect in question. Our Protex Team of Installers are often able to do minor paint touch ups on site, and can advise you on possible solutions as needed.

After installation, how long should I wait before washing my car?

We recommend waiting 48 hours for washing with the pressure washer so that the film is well adhered to surfaces. As the installation is a wet application some drying time is required.

Can I protect a used vehicle that already has Kms on it?

Absolutely! With the right preparation techniques that may include paint touch up, application of the film will protect surfaces against any further damage.

Is the paint protection film really effective?

Yes! The ultimate goal of the film is to prevent environmental damage, paint abrasions and scratches, and absorb small impacts. We all know appearance is everything and nothing does a better job of protecting the exterior finish of your vehicle.

Is it possible to remove the film after application?

Our Protex Certified Installers are also trained in the safe removal of film, leaving the paint as is was the day it rolled of the production line!

How do I maintain the film?

Regular washing and annual waxing will maintain its lustrous appearance. All in all, the same way you would maintain you painted surfaces. Hot water and heat from the sun will also self-heal minor abrasions and surface scratches in the film! Your local Protex service center will leave you with care instructions after the film has been applied.

Can I have my vehicle fully wrapped in Paint Protection Film.

Yes, we can cover all the smooth surfaces of a vehicle, both outside and inside.

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