At Protex we provide continued training and support to help ensure the success of our franchise owners. After you purchase your Protex dealer, your designated operator will receive three(3) weeks of hands-on training at our head office located in Terrebonne, (Québec) to enhance their skills in the areas of sales, management, production, film installation, and customer service procedures.

Our team is trained to support you from the day you sign your franchise agreement throughout your whole experience as a Protex franchisee. From finding your location and site development to training, operations, and business support, our teams are committed to your success. We take pride in having well trained, knowledgeable franchisees, qualified installers, and offer continued training and development oversight.

In addition to any continued business support being offered to assist our Franchisee into their operations from time to time, Protex franchisees have also access to numerous continued (on site and online) training for their installers. As such, each of your installers will be attending the mandatory onsite basic films installation certification program in order to be qualified as a Protex certified installer. Two(2) weeks of this basic certification program will be provided during daily operations after grand opening. Experienced installers will be given the opportunity during their employment with your franchise to attend higher level film installation certification programs and therefore, better salary conditions. Our primary goal at Protex is your success.


Protex is the most well-recognized paint protection & window films/tint installation brand in the industry. We have created the franchises advertising fund in order to increase the popularity and recognition of our products and services. In addition, our marketing team will assist you along your journey as a Protex franchisee in order to tailor local marketing efforts within the community, while providing support and education on new marketing tools.


Protex provides geographic protection for your Protex dealer. Based on analysis of demographics and trade areas, we make sure that the territory assigned will provide you with ample market opportunity to make your franchise operations viable. Thereafter, it is up to you to make the best of it.


Protex is the largest distributor in Canada of Xpel protection & window tint films. Our status gives you access to high quality products and competitive pricing. We are proud to associate ourselves with suppliers that are ahead of the curve. To maintain our leader position, we want to be several steps ahead of the competition. That begins with offering our customers innovative solutions and this is all related to our choice of supplier.

Our family grows best together. As each individual grows so does the whole team!

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