At Protex, we built our training centre with one principle in mind : together, we are stronger. With a permanently growing network, we benefit from countrywide best practices. That way, our certified master trainers make sure every new member of our family is equipped with the best techniques available. We want our name to be carried by only the best. Become an awesome film technician with our certified installer program!

Paint Protection Film

Good paint protection film installers can make the final finish virtually invisible. The less you are able to notice an install, the better it is. Over the years, materials have improved substantially and we made sure the work of our installers followed that same path. For our newest installers, we have basic training that starts their journey in the right direction. These newbies apprentice under “the old guys” to make sure that they deliver top notch installs while they are still green, much like any other apprenticeship program. For the experienced ones, we have a continuous training program that will support them and make sure they keep growing and developing their skills as products and techniques evolve.

Automotive Window Tint
Different vehicles, different tastes, different techniques

Because we started in the industry almost 30 years ago, our automotive window film install techniques vary considerably throughout the members of our network. The overall constant is the quality ! Our window film training program is a very adaptive one. We modify, tweak and adjust it to every person we encounter by using the knowledge derived from our entire network. We lay down the basics and then we help the installer expand this foundation to make sure they get the best results.

With more than 20 years of experience, our master trainers sorted out all the techniques and use that combined knowledge to bring newcomers to a high level of production in a short period of time.

We can’t wait to teach you !

Once you are on board, we’ll bring you to the next level!