Our safety and security security window films can turn the glass panels in your workplace or shop into physically-resistant surfaces that protect you from a number of threats without sacrificing the natural beauty and function of the glass beneath.

Most glass panels are fragile, and the potential for breakage is only one of the many concerns that comes with glass surfaces and enclosures. Being surrounded by glass in our storefronts, display cases, and offices does not mean resigning ourselves to safety and security hazards.

Common Uses of Protex Security Film

Security and safety films are as versatile as they are durable. Over the years, we’ve helped nearly as many homeowners as we have commercial property owners and property managers to secure their glass panels. Because of the nature of the films and their ease of installation, we can retrofit your existing glass surfaces and fully protect new construction.

Benefits of Protex Window Films
If you’re wondering whether it’s time for your business to consider the added security of Protex Glass Films products, consider the following.

  • Asset Protection: Thieves depend on speed and stealth. By increasing the time of forced entry, our glass films are an effective intruder deterrent.
  • Personnel Protection: Flying glass shards aren’t simply a mess; they can be deadly. Coated glass resists this effect, keeping your personnel safer.
  • Business Continuity: In the event of an attempted break-in, an accident, or a severe storm, the breaking glass that results can mean lost time, money, and productivity. Our solutions minimize these issues for your business.
  • Blast Mitigation: In industrial and high-security settings, blast protection can be vital to secure your facility and to protect the surrounding area in case of a catastrophic event.
  • Energy Efficiency: In addition to their security benefits, our films also provide solar energy blocking that prevents damage to furniture, fixtures, artwork, and — most importantly — your employees’ vision.
  • Insurance Savings: Making sure your premises, data, assets, and employees are safe isn’t just sound business practice; it can reduce your liability — and, thereby, your insurance premiums.

Care and Warranty
Installing window films should improve your security and peace of mind. The window films we install are easy to clean and maintain. Our XPEL® brand commercial and residential window films are professionally sold and installed. They are warranted to be free from bubbling, rippling, cracking, delimitation, and a number of other defects. 

Why Choose Protex Glass Films?
Business owners appreciate the durability and security offered by our products. You can also have peace of mind knowing your assets — inventory, information, and perhaps most importantly your human capital — are fully protected from a variety of threats and disasters.

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