Our commercial and residential flat glass division offers a wide variety of options for your windows and glass. Our specialists are working constantly with architects and designers so we are sure to offer the latest, most efficient, and longest lasting film solutions!


We have a huge selection of architectural tint to accommodate all kinds of needs and window types.Yes, we have a solution for odd shaped windows, so stop hiding behind blinds. The perfect balance between comfort and style. From single, double and triple pane glass to Low E surfaces, our technicians have what you need to:

  • Reduce glare : Lowering the visible light transmitted.
  • Manage solar gains : Deflecting and absorbing solar energy.
  • Preserve your furniture and decor : Cutting down 99% of damaging UV rays.
  • Improve privacy : Reflecting interior and exterior light to give windows a mirror effect.
  • Reduce energy consumption : Less or no A/C at all will be needed to cool down a room.
  • Give more flare : Enhance the look of a building or a house with our variety of films.
  • Odd Shapes : Arched, raked (triangle), octagonal and even circle shapes are no problem.


The first element that appeals to comfort is peace of mind. With security and safety film, turn normal glass panels into physically resistant surfaces. Thieves loose the element of surprise and are often completely deterred by the length of time and effort required to break through. Basement windows, glass doors, display cabinets, shop windows, store fronts and so much more can be protected.

  • Engineered to protect people and property.
  • Reduce damage and loss of data.
  • Lessen business disruptions.
  • Preventing flying glass shards.
  • Increase forced entry time, deter intruders.
  • Blast Mitigation for high security facilities and industrial plants.


Mostly used in the commercial market. These products are often applied on windows, mirrors, subway and public transportation vehicles. In other words, everywhere vandalism is a problem. Getting this product installed will give you a shield from the effects of costly vandalism and the down time required to repair or replace damaged windows. Easy to remove and re-install, it is a perfect match for preserving your image.

  • Sacrificial coating resistant to acidic products and gouges.
  • Money-saving option that’s only a fraction of the cost of new glass.
  • Easy to remove and replace quickly – without the hassle of replacing your windows.
  • Rejects 99% of the UV rays that cause fading, helping to extend the life of display merchandise.


Possibly the widest of our product categories! Privacy and decorative films are a must to create a new look to a room. From customized etched window films to printed graphics, murals and logos, our architectural division can create unique designs for you! With Protex, your lifestyle can be expressed, work spaces can become outstanding, boring surfaces can become pieces of art !

  • An infinite design possibility.
  • Create ambiance to a room.
  • Residential and commercial service.

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